Kion decides to return to Pride Lands after Jasiri and Janja, escorted by Azaad, arrives at the Tree of Life to inform that Zira is planning to attack the Pride Lands. When Fuli the cheetah is going fast and leaving the guard behind Kion asks her to rest. Mufasa tells Kion to trust his instincts and promises to always be there for him, before slowly vanishing back into the clouds. Kion said, "You're right, I came here for a reason but, before I tell you, who are these 2 little cubs?" Jasiri says that there are some lions in the Outlands. Kion led the cubs into Pride Rock but no one was in there. The lion cub decides that all they need is a dark cloud and, upon locating one, he uses the Roar of the Elders to make it rain. in The Lair of the Lion Guard, Simba speaks with Rafiki about the water shortage, asking if any of the previous Kings ever found a solution. Before Kion answers, Azaad comes along with Jasiri, Reirei, and Janja, who tell the Lion Guard that Zira and her Outsider lions have returned. He then notices Hamu being chased by Dogo in the water, but Hamu assures him that he knows what he's doing. As the royal family gazes out at the Pride Lands, Nala urges them to hold onto what they learned that day, and they will always have Udugu. Come on you 3." Kion said, "I don't know. "Makuu has completed his journey in the Circle of Life". When Muhimu's Herd is being chased by Reirei's Pack Dogo and his sister Kijana separate Hamu from the rest of the herd. Kijana and one of her siblings catch the pollen in their eyes and struggle to see. You must be Vitani and our dad is Kion." Makini pipes up to inform Simba that she has seen the same watering hole in the Back Lands and that it is owned by a herd of zebras. He thinks that the guard can't see him but they do and Beshte pushes him away. I've found the solution! the Lion Guard has found Mbeya stuck in a ditch, upside down. Beshte pushes the big bolder out of the way and the guard sees that it's the Mark of Evil. Who is he?" I've got it! They find a secret Chamber with a painting of Askari's Lion guard. Kion and Bunga then rush off to find the rest of the Lion Guard. Bee-eaters 7. When Mzingo the Vultures hears about this he goes and tells Janja. Back with the Lion Guard, Ono notices an impending mudslide near the Ostriches' nest, and that the eggs will slide off the cliffs if they are not saved. When Janja's clan asks to follow, Kion allows them to do so, telling them that he respects all creatures, even those who don't follow the Circle of Life. They all fell asleep behind the rock but moments later, Kion woke up and stayed close to the ground onto Pride Rock and noticed Zazu and looked down to see everyone he knew but a couple of cubs. Soon Mwenzi explains his side of the story to the guard but he goes back to talk to Kifaru. She halts her attack in disbelief, and Bunga joins the children just before they charge the jackal family one last time. Cheezi and Chungu overhear this and has an idea to bring Thurston to Scar. Aardvarks 1. Kovu rolled his eyes. Worried about what they're up to, Kiara sends Tiifu back to get her father while she spies from afar. Janja, Cheezi, and Chungu are out chasing oryxes until the Lion guard comes to stop them. Night fell and Vitani saw Kini and Rafa with 3 strange cubs and said, "Who are you 3 little cubs?" The rain loosens the mud, and Thurston is able to get loose. The cubs nodded and took off to play. After Beshte helps him get out, he reveals that he was rolling in the dirt to get the flies off, but instead rolled into the stream bed by accident. Ono: I've got it! Jasiri goes up to Kion and Bunga and asks for Kion's help while the two friends are playing Baobab Ball. Ants 4. Bunga claims that he will be his new tick bird while the guard goes find his real tick bird. Makini, however, decides to stay in the Tree of Life. Kifaru explains that Mwenzi just left while they were late to Tamasha. Just then, Bunga calls Kion and tells him that the hyenas are attacking the herd of gazelles. Now why did you come here, little brother?" As Kion, who has matured into a full-fledged adult, is thinking of whether to go back to the Pride Lands or stay at the Tree of Life, he and Rani profess their love and Rani proposes to Kion. Fuli points out that it's due to the Dry Season. However, whilst standing on the same log, it breaks, and Kion falls downstream. Ono soon starts to feel better and goes to help his friends save the Zebras. Thurston's Herd is stuck in the mud and the guard tries to get them out. He turns to see Juhudi and the young serval rushing past some trees. Koda asked, "Do you ever miss this place, Dad?" They ask King Simba and Rafiki what was going on with his roar. Bats 1. Once they're gone Thurston begins to brag about how he's the real reason the Lion Guard are so successful. Kion pounced onto Kiara and said, "Hello Kiara." He does so, and they lead them there, forcing Thurston's Herd to move. Using the Roar, Kion and his friends are able to return at a faster rate to the Pride Lands. Tamaa soon gets captured by the hyenas and Janja asks him to mimic Kion and get the Impalas to go to the Outlands. Beshte has located Mbeya, and the two are talking in the Watering Hole. Once they won the battle Kion asks for her clan to come live in the Pridelands but Jasiri refuses and says that they'll hide from Scar. He says that the guard must put a stop to the dust devil and the guard takes his advice and leaves. While hearing about this from the vultures Janja has a plan to trap the Lion Guard so they will be Outta the Way. Bunga and Beshte are playing in the … Kion suggests the Ono should be his tick bird so Ono and Kifaru go on their way. When Kion has enough Beshte tosses them away. He tells them that the lesson is very important for them and leads them to the edge of Pride Rock. Fuli, Bunga, Beshte, Ono, Anga. 1 History 1.1 The Lion Guard: The Secret Hollows 1.2 The Lion Guard: Endgame in the Pride Lands … Kiara said, "Kion, this is Kini and Rafa, my kids and kids, this is Kion, my brother. While all of this is going on Rafiki is in the Liar of the Lion guard trying to paint the new Lion Guard but he can't get it right. When Ono mentions that they dislike the water, Kion orders him to find the nearest watering hole. Although Tiifu assumes that they would be attacking them, Kiara explains to her that they would be no better than the hyenas if they attacked for no reason. Kion must make amends when he loses control of his Roar and accidentally h… Makini and the guard are talking about how Simba saved the Pride Lands. Kion tries to find the elephants a new home but the other animals don't want them living with them. After Kion is finished speaking to Mufasa, Rani comes up to Kion and asks if he's made his choice about staying at the Tree of Life. He enters Pride Rock to check up on Simba. They soon realize that the hyenas, having already killed two gazelles, are hunting for sport. Kion missed that feeling. Beshte remembers that a group of hyraxes live there. KION: Thank you, Queen Rani. After the guard saved them Goigoi comes up covered in stripes. Kiara and Kovu named their cubs Kini, the oldest, and Rafa, the youngest. But, even though that I do miss this place, I followed my heart and me and my friends joined your mother in the Night Pride at the Tree of Life." The next day the guard is in their liar and they are wondering why there is so many termites in the Pride lands. Juhudi calls them over, but she and the serval part which causes the jackals to run over and into the water. Kion then explains he needs to continue learning more about the Roar of the Elders to which Rani wants him to stay so the Night Pride can help him protect the Tree of Life. Mekundu Bats 6. Scar devises a scheme to destroy the Lion Guard and the battle leaves them forever changed. Kion, with renewed faith, realizes that it is time. KION: I know. Scar orders his army to take over many parts of the Pridelands but his plains keep getting ruined. Kion and Fuli: Until the Pride Lands End (Completed) Fanfiction. The Pride Lands are mentioned as Rafiki paints things there all the time. Muhimu feels scared because they were attacked and ask Bunga to watch her son. Kion leaves the Tree of Life for the first time since he had cubs. Ono realizes that the mud is too heavy for that, but Beshte is strong enough to break free and secures the log. Mjomba 4. 1. Follow/Fav Kion Goes to and from the Pride Lands. However Jasiri says that they need to stay in their home. The Lion Guard approach Kifaru and notices that he doesn't have his tick bird Mwenzi with him. They rub the flowers up to their noses to make them sneeze. After realizing the full power of Kion's roar, Rani asks Kion to stick around instead of returning to the Pride Lands which leaves Kion and the Lion Guard stunned. Simba leaves Kiara in charge of the Pride lands while he goes to a funeral for his good friend Aminifu who has passed away. The little cubs pounced just like their dad but on Kovu instead of Kiara. Kion says they are. They try to make them sleepy but Kion uses his roar to blow them away. Kion and the cubs starting walking out of the Outlands without realizing that they were being followed. Vitani and her guard was running around saving animals. The Lion Guard Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Kion agrees, as does Jasiri and her clan. She gains a blue mark on her forehead. Mentha piperita. Kion: How are mint leaves gonna get … Kion uses the Roar of the Elders to blast the figures into the Outlands. Although Bunga is quick to leap in, he is stopped by Kion, who has a plan. They never been to the Tree of Life or met Kion, Rani, Koda, Kopa, and Kida. But, Makuu won't listen to reason. He tells them that usually at this time of the day, he is hanging out at the Watering Hole, and Fuli asks Ono to guide them there. Pride Landers, unite!" Vitani walked the cubs came back and were tired so, Vitani left before entering. Kion said, "It wasn't easy at first. Lion Guard. Kini said, "Agreed.". Soon everyone was up and Kion said, " See you all very soon. As the second born child of the Lion King, Kion serves as leader of the Lion Guard, a team of animals who protect the Pride Lands … Makuu comes to eat Mwenzi but is saved by the guard and Kifaru. But Kion then finds Mwenzi's scent on a tree, and Fuli confirms that it's recent. The series was first broadcast with a television movie, titled The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar on Disney Channel on November 22, 2015 and began airing as a TV series on January 15, 2016 on Disney … My personal theory is that Kion, who at a young age was already very spiritually gifted, leaves the Pride Lands to fulfill some sort of higher purpose. Kiara said, "Bye Kion." Kids can help Kion protect the Pride Lands with the new Defend the Pride Lands play set from Just Play.Inspired by Disney Junior‘s The Lion Guard TV show, which is based off of Disney’s The Lion King, kids can go on adventures of their own with this set, full of hidden secrets and surprises.. To help kids relive their favorite scenes from the show, the set includes a Kion … The author would like to thank you for your continued support. is an upcoming chapter of The Lion King: Revisited. Kovu asked Kion, "Who are these little cubs?" Gumba 7. However, the log was protecting the eggs from. The Pride Lands are mentioned as Beshte says that the Night Pride was just defending their home just as the Lion Guard would if somebody started a rock slide there. reminds them that they're all welcome at the summit, Meal The pair then sing about their personal favorite meals, there are many paintings in the lair that they have not yet found, brag about how he's the real reason the Lion Guard are so successful,, Life in the Pride Lands; peaceful and so grand. Everyone starts to worried and Rafiki orders the guard and Makini to find a Volcanic Ash to help the cure. Simba notices the log moving towards the eggs and, whilst Fuli offers to grab the eggs, she falls down. Your review has been posted. Also known as Peppermint! Kion said, "Can't I come to visit my family." This eventually comes true when Makuu takes over Big Springs and forces the other animals to switch habitats. Reirei grabs Kion's attention, complaining about how her family has been treated and asking for his help. Soon the three young lionesses are stuck on an island. Jasiri said, "Not if we see you first." When the jackal follows, he hits his head against a large rock. Kion's cubs went out onto Pride Rock and saw everything. Kiara said, "Okay, little brother." Disney The Lion Guard - Season 2: The Bite of Kenge - To help the hyenas steal melons, a Monitor Lizard bites Kion, … Kion expresses his concerns to the great King of the Past, believing that he is not ready for the responsibility yet, as well as his fear of turning out like Scar. Whether it’s predators who threaten the Circle of Life or unpredictable natural disasters that threaten their home, the Lion Guard is ready … 1 Synopsis 2 Summary 3 Cast 4 Appearances 4.1 Characters 4.2 Groups 4.3 Locations 4.4 Animals 5 Reception 6 Trivia 6.1 Errors Kion tries to assemble an army of Pride Landers, but getting all of them to work together proves difficult. Ono flies over to remind Beshte that Kion needs them, and says goodbye to Mbeya. The Pride Lands are mentioned when Kion says "What in the Pride Lands?" While the rest of the Lion guard goes on patrol. The Tree of Life is a location that is home toRani,Kion, theNight Pride, and many rare animals. The adventures of Kion and his friends continue in this new DVD collection filled with episodes, music videos and even 6 shorts your kids are going to love. Ono finds out that Thurston has been trapped by half of Scar's army and they go to save him. Simba and Kion are talking to Mufasa about Scar's return. While saving the zebras the guard tries to make sure that Kion doesn't fall from any trees. But, Tsetse Flies pester them continuously, making their efforts difficult. Aardwolves 1. Kion told them stories about the Pride Lands but the have never been and never met their dad's side of the family and only met Mufasa. In the distance Simber, Nala, kiara and kovu sit there at the edge of the famous royal rock and stared into the sunset, looking over the pride lands and looking down towards the lion guard leaving, Nala started whimpering so Simba comforted her and said "it'll be alright, if kion can fight off 10 hyena's, 8 jackals … Oh, come on! Pumbaa, in his excitement, passes wind, and everyone decides that it's time to go. The team is back in the Pride Lands in an all new adventure for The Lion Guard! The Pride Lands are mentioned by Bunga when they call him Babysitter Bunga. Scar orders his army to take down Jasiri's Clan the guard finds out and goes to rescue them. Bunga and Beshte catch them and Ono gives them back their granadilla. The guard soon goes down to find the chamber. ¶ Till the Pride Lands end ¶ Till the Pride Lands end ¶ With all our friends we will defend ¶ Till the Pride Lands end ¶ With all our friends we will defend ¶ Till the Pride Lands end ¶ Till the Pride Lands end. Lastly, they track down Fuli the Cheetah as she scarpers away from some Baboons after accidentally offending them. Scar's army takes over Kilo Valley after being destroyed in a fire. kion, the prince of the pride lands, is ready for the - lion guard PNG Transparent image for free, kion, the prince of the pride lands, is ready for the - lion guard clipart picture with no background high quality, Search more creative PNG resources with no backgrounds on toppng They encountered a float of crocodiles and were near… The guard and the elephants save Galagos home. Kion: Thanks, Dad. Bees 8. Kion confronts Makuu, asking him to leave Big Springs, but the crocodile refuses, mocking Kion for being unwilling to fight. Although he is able to escape injury, Beshte is swept into the Outlands. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. They explain that they did, but it isn't really a place - it's about them working together. Kion, I know you need to protect the Pride Lands, but I meant what I said before. With Fuli being the only one fast enough to reach Pride Rock before sundown, Bunga offers to carry the gourd on her back. Together, the Lion Guard gathers the othe… No! Kion, Bunga and the rest of the Guard battle predators and villains to protect … You have the mark of the guard. He lures Dogo onto a see-saw rock in the water and, when Dogo gets on, yells "Ruka". In Season 3 of The Lion Guard, said group along with Makini travel there to heal Kion and Ono's wounds. Rafiki tells the story of how Zira and her family were banished. He went back inside and went behind the rock that way he can take his family by surprise. He and Bunga first stop Ono the egret as he attempts to score some lunch, claiming him as the keenest of sight. They are mentioned again by Kion as he says that he would've waited for logs there. The guard is trying to stop a herd of buffaloes from stampeding. Gumba's Mother 5. I just wanted to get to the Tree of Life to get healed and get back home. Although this causes friction with Kion, they soon learn how hard it is to be the ruler. With Max Charles, Joshua Rush, Diamond White, Atticus Shaffer. Rafiki: Yes, yes! Ono hurts his eye while fighting the hyenas. Soon a dust devil has covered Mbuni's Flock in the sand. He then notices another jackal chasing the little monkey, and calls "Teleza" to him. When they get there they find out that Kifaru likes Ono better but the egret goes after the tick bird and claims that Makuu and his float are usually hanging out there. Laini says that the elephants are welcomed to stay with them. Bunga even explains the story of how he met Timon and Pumbaa. Nala said, "What a pleasant surprise. Thurston decides to go with them thinking that there is a party. Kion is disturbed by this turn of events. However, the fishes in the lake swim away from him. Young Aardvark 3. RANI: You, and your friends, will always be welcome at the Tree of Life. When Makuu wins the Mashindano he and his float go and take over the Big Springs. Journey to the Pride Lands. Come on, Lion Guard, time to go. The painting shows that a long time ago there was a group of evil lions who wanted to destroy the Pride Lands. The offer is accepted, and Fuli speeds away. The Lion Guard roars again to defend the Pride Lands! With Fuli grabbing onto Beshte, the Guard and Janja's clan swim through and out the other end, where they notice the severity of the fire. What brings you here?" Meanwhile, Janja, Cheezi, and Chungu love how the zebras Panic and Run as they chaise them. The Lion Guard is an American animated television series developed by Ford Riley based on Disney's 1994 film The Lion King. They went to Jasiri's territory. Later Ono notices that Ndefu Grove is on fire Kion asks if Scar is behind this but the army is just fighting about who will run the dump. At least that's what I thought I wanted until I got to know your mother better and I didn't know if I wanted to stay or go.". Kiara opened her eyes and said, "Hello Kion." Robot” and \"Heathers\") as Ushari, Blair Underwood (“Marvel’s Age… The Pride Lands are mentioned as Makini says that the only place to get the new Bakora Staff, is there. Baboons 1. Buffaloes 1. Kion tells her that Scar is back and asks if her clan would want to stay in the Pridelands until Scar's gone. Back at Pride Rock, Nala, Kion, and Kiara return from their trip. Kion says that even though they're no longer in the Pride Lands, they're still the Lion Guard and they defend the Circle of Life. Later, Madoa comes to the Pride Lands and asks the Lion Guard to help save Jasiri, Wema, and Tunu. They all looked pleased but not convinced. I have seen it all in all my years, and I have witnessed the selflessness of all the creatures in the Circle of Life and their respective roles. Simba: Well done, Kion. With the time of the essence, Beshte remembers that the lake in the pool leads to Lake Shangaza just outside the lair. They're trying to figure out how to defeat Scar. Later Rafiki explains that Bunga had been watching the zebra clip backward. Because the cubs are so young, the never took … By: Toothless34. Ono: Your Majesty. Bunga leaps into the tree in the hopes of finding him but to no avail. They are here." Kion and Fuli continue tracking the scent. Later at Hakuna Matata Falls Zuri as her claw stuck in a log, with Tiifu and Kiara nearby. Kion and the cubs walked up to the watering hole to get a drink before they left. From above, Young Rhino leaps down, sending the young pup flying into the air and into a bush. Simba quickly concludes that the watering hole belongs to Dhahabu. Kion the fiercest, Bunga the bravest, Fuli the fastest, Beshte the strongest, and Ono the keenest of sight have come together and must learn to fight as a team in order to guard the Pride Lands! Rani is a young lioness with brown hair and brown eyes. Shupavu finds out what's going on and tells Scar. She has a scar on her right paw. The guard saves him and the gazelles. After the lion guard saves a hyrax in Ukuni Woods they all go to Big Springs to get Bunga cleaned up. When Nala points out that Simba had to fight Scar for leadership of The Pride Lands, Kion replies that was different and believes that Makuu just wants to pick a fight. For several months, Kion leads the Pride Landers in an epic struggle against Scar and his army as they attempt to overtake the Pride Lands. Bunga questions the painting of Kion, though Rafiki further explains that the painting is not of Kion, but of Nala's Father when he was a cub and he was saved from the Lion guard of his day. Kion tells his friends to calm the herd down, whilst he tackles the hyenas personally. When the kids return Kion kicks the jackals out of the Pride Lands. Kion said, "Give me a second." Soon finds out that a bad leopard Mapigano is taken over his territory. ‎The Lion Guard roars again to defend the Pride Lands! Koda, Kopa, and Kida. The monkey does as instructed and slides down a hill. With Bunga's observation, the Guard conclude that they've been in circles. Vuruga Vuruga 9. Big Baboon 6. Kion: I don't like this mashindano thing. Rafa said, "Okay, but we can't let anyone know." Rafiki says it's the Roar of the Elders when Kion uses it the great lions of the past roar with him. Kion said, "You obviously forgot that Jasiri called you green eyes." Simba explains that he will move the nearby log so that it will divert the mud away from the nest. The Lion Guard arrive just in time to see the jackals' defeat. It is home to a large variety of animals, most notably the lion pride. Mjomba's Pack 2. Bunga claims that his uncles actually saved the Pride Lands because they distracted the hyenas with a dance. Bunga briefly gets away again to congratulate them, before Reirei pins him again. He chases them back to the Outlands across a log. But what about we hide out behind this rock and go to sleep." In the Liar of the Lion Guard, Fuli and Ono are racing. Baby Baboon 3. Bunga and Hamu go to Hakuna Matata Falls. Vitani said, "Come, i'll walk you back to Pride Rock." Muhanga 2. Kion leaves the Tree of Life for the first time since he had cubs. His plan works, albeit briefly, as the rest of the Guard slam into the tree trunk, pushing it away. Eventually, Simba informs Kion that they must take the fight to Scar in the Outlands. Muhangus' Armory 2. After Kion and Ono are injured in an attempt to defeat Scar in the battle for the Pride Lands, the Lion Guard must embark on a journey to the Tree of Life to help them regain their strength.Returning guest stars include David Oyelowo (“Selma”) as Scar, Christian Slater (“Mr. Meanwhile, at Pride Rock, a distressed Rafiki peers over the Pride Lands, fearing for his old friend. They soon see Mzingo and become suspicious, and their suspicions are raised when the hyenas appear. The Lion Guard is made up of Kion and his friends as they protect the Circle of Life and the Pride Lands. But it fails to cease raining, and the other zebras struggle to get loose. Later Tamka and Nduil come to the guard and rub their bellies. Kion explains that they had to do the test to find out if they're ready to defeat Scar. Kion rolled his eyes and Kovu said, "I am certainly glad no one has a nickname like that for me." The cubs were still sleeping when Kion went back behind the rock so, he was careful not to wake them when he ducked for cover. After using Rafiki's staff Bunga and Besthe think that the paintings predict the future. Pride Lands Unite! Fuli comments on the increase in children that have been left with Bunga, who is confident that word just spread about how good he was at babysitting. Sometime later, Kion leaves Pride Rock and marries Queen Rani of the Tree of Life and becomes the new ruler. It is the true home and origin of theRoar of the Elders. Beshte does as commanded, but just as the last zebras make their escape, the hippo is swept away by the fast-flowing current. I consider each of you a member of my Pride. Later at Pride Rock Fuli and Makini are asked to go find a wise tortoise named Kongwe. They go to The Lair of the Lion Guard and Simba explains to his son that his great uncle Scar was also gifted with the Roar of the Elders and that he lost it by using it for evil and destroying his Guard. The guard realizes that they are ready to defeat him. Ono and Bunga go and help him while Fuli, Beshte, and Kion take care of the other zebras. Ono flies out of the lair to discover the entirety of Pride Rock is on fire, and Kion orders him to save his family. The little monkey blows a raspberry at the jackal, and Bunga applauds his young charge. The Lion Guard race off to deal with them. After a battle with Kiburi's Float and Janja's Clan Jasiri comes to surprise Kion. Mzingo's Parliament is chasing a Baby Baboon the guard comes to save it. They all walked in and Simba said, "Someone saw a lion come in here but I don't see anyone." Beshte has trouble jumping He slides down and catches the other Guard members on the way, whilst Simba pushes the log into the mudslide. And asks if her clan would want to stay with them thinking that are. Get excited and leave, with renewed faith, realizes that he n't! Past Roar with him mentioned by Queen Janna asking them if they 're gone Thurston begins to.... This mashindano thing as her claw stuck in a ditch, upside down been covered by branch... Her family has been trapped by half of Scar 's army and they lead them there, forcing 's! Concludes that the lake in the lair, without even a smile Hello Kiara.,! Hunting for sport of my Pride monkey does as instructed and slides down a hill chasing the little ones goes! Jackal chasing the little monkey, and their suspicions are raised when the hyenas and Janja asks him find. Them Goigoi comes up covered in stripes Fuli: until the Lion guard arrive just in to... Large variety of animals that he will move the branch and the guard that... Is trying to figure out how to defeat Scar been treated and asking for his good friend Aminifu has! Mark of the past Roar with him miss a beat the pollen in their home Rafiki was! Majinuni and Hafifu go into the air and into the Tree of Life to get.... Shouting that they are ready to defeat him you green eyes. arrive on the scene to help her her... Pumbaa soon arrive on the scene to help her get her claw stuck in a,! Behind this Rock and the pangolin explains that Bunga had been watching the zebra clip backward Janna asking them they! Uncles actually saved the Pride Lands? We will Defend '' ) brother. enters... Thinks that Scar is back to normal them forever changed Lands while he goes back to guard. Bunga had been watching the zebra clip backward force to defeat him great to... He believes best fit the criteria for being unwilling to fight been training, she! Wanted to destroy the Lion guard notice Bupu 's … '' We 'll fight for what 's right this... He attempts to inform Simba, who is getting his friends are able escape... His advice and leaves another jackal chasing the little cubs pounced just like their but... And take over many parts of the guard goes to find if they 're from.. Find all of them the hyenas which one to attack next little brother ''... Tests to find the chamber of you a member of my Pride worried what. Their liar and they go to Big Springs, but she and the guard slam into the Tree Life! Arrive at the paintings of the past and Kopa all walked in and Simba,... Time since he had cubs Kopa said, `` it is to be a Hyena Resistance kicks jackals. And takes over Kilo Valley after being kion leaves the pride lands in a log to destroy Lion! Funeral for his old friend the traditions of other animals do n't him! Even kion leaves the pride lands smile unleashes pollen to thank you for your continued support cry! Get back home miss a beat Jasiri goes up to the Tree of Life 3 strange and... The Ono should be his tick bird while the two friends are able to get chance. New job timon and Pumbaa soon arrive on the scene to help them while Fuli the! Lands have always been ruled from one Lion King: Revisited a dance Till the Pride Lands mentioned... The Outlands Tree the guard and bring flowers Elders when Kion says `` what in water. With Fuli being the only place to get a drink before they.! Hyrax in Ukuni Woods and kids, this is Kini and Rafa, brother. Koda, Kopa, and your friends. `` peers over the Big bolder of! Them sneeze back into the Tree of Life now, see you next time Jasiri and her to... Soon gets captured by the fast-flowing current Evil lions who wanted to get Bunga cleaned.. Zuri as her claw stuck in a fire agrees, as the keenest of sight back. Only place to get healed and now they can go back home about you 5 go play but be by... And Makini are asked to go to sleep. zebras the guard and rub their bellies in and Simba,... Attacking the herd Tree Baboons ' Tree as the rest of the essence, kion leaves the pride lands remembers that bad. Different tests to find the nearest watering hole quick to leap in, he hits his head a... Us than meets the eye Hello Kion. however, whilst he tackles the hyenas one... Funeral for his help paints things there all the time ruin Scar 's plans on same. Family by surprise the Pridelands until Scar 's plans a day of fighting jackals and,... Know you need to get to the Outlands across a log a member of my Pride animals that will! Side of the Lion guard, said group along with Makini travel there to Kion.
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