It’s not just a “male” thing, though: anyone with boggy pelvic floor can benefit from Nettle root’s astringent actions. Usually it only needs approximately 6 weeks but this was left for about 3 months. Interactions And Warnings: Stinging nettle contains vitamin K and so could interfere with the anticoagulant drug, warfarin (Coumadin). Strain out plant material and drink. The juice of the roots and leaves mixed with honey can relieve bronchitis. You can add honey or juice to taste if you wish. If you’ve ever picked a stinging nettle plant by mistake, you know how that feels. Often, nettle root is used to strengthen and/or stimulate the urinary system if there are indications for its use. I prefer stronger horseradish in my allergy tincture. Stinging nettle root has been used medicinally for centuries. Nettle root has been widely studied for benign prostatic hyperplasia, and is generally recognized to be very effective at controlling symptoms. Just be sure to wear gloves when you collect them photo by Ashley Mayes. Their flavor is rich and green. TRACY RAFTL. Rhubarb Root, Rheum palmatum, organic. Nettle tea is an infusion or decoction, depending on how you prepare it. Making the infusion: 1. Nettle tea is an herbal "tea" made from the leaves and roots of the stinging nettle plant. Fill the jar with boiling water almost to the brim and secure the lid onto the jar to prevent the steam from escaping. Stinging nettle can lower blood pressure, which means it could heighten the effect of blood pressure medications. Restoring nutrient deficiencies can have a myriad of positive effects. As a rinse for dandruff, falling hair, and as a general conditioner, an infusion or decoction of the root can be taken. In addition, nettle root tea and capsules are sometimes recommended for older men due to the emerging evidence which suggests that nettle root may help prevent prostate enlargement. Refrigerate any leftovers and consume within 48 hours. It is a strange fact that the juice of the Nettle proves an antidote for its own sting, and being applied will afford instant relief. Nettle infusions taste faintly tea-like, inky with a soft herbal sweetness. An infusion can be taken to increase lactation in nursing mothers and for post-menopausal health. Ease your discomfort with this simple decoction made with nettle root, an herb prized for its anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties, meaning it expels excess water from the body and reduces swealing. Nettle: Dosage, Dosage. Nettle leaf extract, on the other hand, is what has been shown to reduce the pro-inflammatory cytokines TNF-a and IL-B1. Limit how much you drink; as we’ve said, they affect hormones. Note: if you are pregnant, make sure you use nettle leaves and not the root, as using the root during pregnancy can spur uterine contractions. To do this I simply mixed 25g of dried, ground nettle with 75g of olive oil and left to sit on the window sill. I made a 25% active nettle infusion. Chlorophyll is the plant’s closest analogue to blood, and nettle is the land plant richest in chlorophyll; drinking a quart of strong nettle infusion is probably the closest gastronomic equivalent to a blood transfusion. Side effects may include: thicker hair, softer skin, stronger veins, and greater delight in life. I actually prefer to make my own. Nettle’s nutritional goodies are all water soluble, so preparing nettles as a long infusion allows you to reap the full benefit of the plant. You may want to brew up a larger quantity of infusion at a time. More research is needed to study this effect, but the results are promising. Great Post. Learn about the benefits, side effects, and research around stinging nettle here. I shook the mixture daily. Find great deals on eBay for nettle and nettle tea. Nourishing Herbal Infusions by Susun S. Weed : An infusion is a large amount of herb brewed for a long time. The green leaves are getting ready to become delicious tea today, and also to be dried for the future. Nettle Infusion. Bastyr University, a natural-medicine education center in Washington State, notes that nettle is a nutritious food that has vitamins and minerals, including iron, potassium and silica. Stinging nettle infusion is potent medicine, particularly for women whose bodies crave the plant’s rich minerals like chromium, magnesium and calcium[mfn]Weed, S. (2008) Healing Wise. Not to be used for more than 8 days. Simply take a quart or pint mason jar and fill it roughly half full of dried nettle. An infusion - especially nettle infusions - are much more nourishing and medicinal than a tea. The best way to get all the benefits of Nettle is to consume on a daily basis the leaves and the root in the form of teas, pouring hot water directly in Nettle presents in a bowl, the leaves of Nettle pungent in infusion are particularly remineralising. If you’re dealing with uterine incontinence, weak pelvic floor or prolapse issues, give it a shot! 2 tsp of Nettle Root pour with 200ml of cool water. While nettle leaf infusion is a great overall system tonic to drink regularly, most people consume nettle root for more specific reasons. If you drink 4-5 quarts of nettle infusion weekly, you can expect to see results within 3-6 weeks. You’ll want the 1 lb organic nettle leaf, not the powder or nettle root. To learn more about these and other properties of nettle tea, check out the in-depth article Health Benefits of Nettle … The juice of the Dock, which is usually found in close proximity to the Nettle, has the same beneficial action. The common nettle or Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica and the closely related Urtica urens) has been used as a medicinal plant for centuries. In this article, we’ll discuss how to harvest and use it to make a tincture. I use Stinging Nettle to make an allergy tincture with equal parts of Horseradish root. Stinging nettle root appears to have different pharmacological effects than the leaves. Cooking, crushing or chopping disables the stinging hairs. Dosages of Nettle: Suggested Dosing. It’s thought that the appearance of an herb gives an indication as to how it can be useful to the body. Stinging nettle leaves are high in nutrients, and the leaves can be mixed with other ingredients to … My garden is budding with stinging nettle, and I’m guarding it like a mother hen, hoping nobody will come and chop it down. 1-2 tsp of Nettle Root pour with 200ml of boiling water and infuse covered for 10-15 minutes. It was used extensively for its fibers and was woven into cloth. To help prevent balding, a tincture or infusion of nettle leaf can be taken. Hair and Scalp Health. Thank you for sharing. Decoction. The nettle plant as a whole is an incredibly therapeutic medicine. Avoid during pregnancy or lactation, with intestinal obstruction, abdominal pain of unknown origin, or any inflammatory intestinal condition (i.e. Recent studies suggest that it is helpful for men’s health. Why does Stinging Nettle Sting? appendicitis, colitis, Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and melanosis coli), and avoid use in children under 12 years of age. One of nettle’s most famous uses is in supporting hair and scalp health. It is often considered to be one of the best herbal infusions for overall health and wellness. Ouch! This was a short list of ways that nettle herb may improve some nutrient deficiency symptoms. Strain and drink half of a cup of this infusion, up to 4 times a day. Stinging Nettle’s botanical name is Urtica dioica. Regular ingestion of nettle infusions can restore mineral reserves and relieve menstrual cramps or leg cramps. The common heat, pain, redness, and swelling associated with inflammation can be very aggravating to deal with. Stinging nettle stimulates lactation so it’s great to use if you’re breastfeeding. Keep your infusion covered while steeping. Advertisement . Nettle is possibly effective for the listed uses. Nettle infusion is the energy of the Earth. Bring it to a boil and simmer for 5 minutes, then brew for another 5-10 minutes under the cover. Nettle has been used worldwide for centuries in a variety of countries and cultures. Infusion. Strain out the herb and enjoy! When ready, simply strain with a cheese cloth and store in a cool dry place. Can’t afford to buy the Nettle and Radish allergy tincture I have used since 2004. There are no contraindications to the use of stinging nettle infusion. Nettle is available under the following different brand and other names: stinging nettle, and Urtica dioica. An infusion known as Nettle Tea is a common spring medicine in rural districts, and has long been used as a blood purifier. Typically, one ounce by weight (about a cup by volume) of dried herb is placed in a quart jar which is then filled to the top with boiling water, tightly lidded and allowed to steep for 4-10 hours. You could also make nettle infusion with fresh leaves, if you happen to have a stinging nettle patch growing near you! Stinging nettle is often called common nettle, stinging nettle or nettle leaf and it is an herbaceous perennial flowering plant in the family Urticaceae. While you might aim to drink a whole quart of nettle leaf infusion in a day, nettle root infusion is better taken as 1/2 to 1 cup per day. Nettle Infusion (Like an Extra Strong Tea) To make an infusion, simply pour one cup boiling water over one ounce dried chopped leaves (by weight), cover and steep 4 hours or overnight. An extract from the nettle root (Urtica dioica) is used to alleviate symptoms of benign prostate enlargement. Shop with confidence. Nettle root, nettle leaf and whole herb (leaf, stem and root) products in tablets, capsules, and tinctures are now widely available at most health food stores at very reasonable prices. Dried or fresh nettle tea infusions are very alkalizing to the body and urinary systems, assisting in the reduction of acidic conditions and the removal of uric acid build-up, especially beneficial to those with hyperuricemia, gout and metabolic acidosis.
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