There are hours of fun to be had with recreating Lion Guard scenes from the Disney Junior show with this playset! Animals When Fuli express shock at this, asking if they understand the Circle of Life, Kion says that they don't care about the Circle of Life. Swala's herd of gazelles are fighting with Muhimu's herd of zebras over a lack of grass. The Lion Guard - Hyenas AND Crocodiles Vs Beshte & Mtoto! He is one of Janja's seconds-in-command. Janja's clan is said to be greedy, eating more than their fair share and disrespecting the Circle of Life. The gazelles shown in The Lion Guard appear to be Thomson's gazelles. They are female-dominant. 5. Kiara expresses delight and shock at her brother's arrival, and the two cubs challenge Janja, asking him if he thinks he can take them both on. Though Janja is the leader of his clan, a real hyena clan is typically led by a female. Weight Enjoy the story! Mzingo accomplishes this by flattering Kiara and lying to her, explaining that Janja had always wanted peace, but Kion's stubbornness had interfered. Janja's clan helps the jackals and crocodiles fight Ma Tembo's Herd while the guard is taking out the fire. The Lion Guard - Pretend! When Janja hears that Makini and Kiara are all alone, he and his pack successfully ambush the two, taking Kiara and Makini's staff to the Outlands. He is pleased to have hyenas with intelligence like his on his crew. A gazelle stands between an oryx and an ostrich. Soon Janja and his clan regroup for a counter-attack, but are again defeated. When the Lion Guard become spooked by the Zimwi, they crash into the gazelles upon their return, causing them to move into chaos. Chungu and Cheezi sneak up on a young wildebeest and prepare to attack it, but are stopped by the Lion Guard. Once the clan returns to the Outlands, they find Ushari and he shares the information of how Kion and the guard keeps beating them. When the clan enters the Pride Lands, the young princess, Kiara, spots them while tracking gazelles. Pull down on a branch to close the bone jaw jail! The Leader of these Hyenas was a roughly average sized female. The Lion Guard Hyena Hideout Playset is jam-packed with action and adventure! In the episode, Early concept art that has been found reveals that. Swala and her herd are trying to climb a large clump of rocks up to some grassland. Browse more videos. The gazelles shown in The Lion Guard appear to be Thomson's gazelles. Diet Despite this, Janja considers himself victorious, as Jasiri is nowhere in sight. Beshte notes that they already scored enough gazelles to feed them, wondering why they are still attacking the herd. Let Sleeping Crocs Lie. ", "The Circle of Life's gonna feel our bite!". The Lion Guard - S01 Clip (English) HD . 1:13. Janja's Clan are mentioned when Jasiri announces to Kion that she has a problem back home. As Janja and Kion fight, Janja's tail is burnt by the steam vent. Mzingo is very sneaky and sly, with a rather dry demeanor. Hyenas. Chungu aims for the zebras, but is kicked back by a zebra. The impact with the wildbeest launches the hyena into the air. The Lion Guard - Hyenas AND Crocodiles Vs Beshte & Mtoto! He has Mzingo convince Kiara to meet him at Broken Rock under the assumption that Janja wants to hold a peace meeting. Cheezi and Janja try to attack Mtoto, but crash into each other instead, and Beshte launches Chungu into the water. They work for Scar until the end of the film when they murder him for his betrayal and false info. The Lion Guard, Madoa, Cheezi, and Chungu got to Pride Rock as fast as they could without causing pain to the two wounded hyenas. They are foiled by the Lion Guard, and run away, but pause to catch their breath, where they overhear a drongo named Tamaa mimicking Janja's voice. settings. When they finally reach the highest point, Ono guides them to the volcanic ash, and Makini swiftly pours a handful into her gourd, sealing it shut and re-attaching it to her staff. The hyenas form rock piles near a ravine on Janja's orders. on now. However, Kiara notices the hyenas sneaking about, and later becomes trapped in a stampede of gazelles. The clan victoriously prepares to attack them, but Kion uses the Roar of the Elders to defend both himself and Jasiri. The hyenas try to do that but Beshte knocks them out of the way. Annoyed that she can't hear his words, she abruptly stops and demands that her herd do the same so that she can hear him. The males have a pair of long, straight horns, while the females have shorter horns. Although he attempts to use the "Hadithi Spin", he crashes into the cliffside instead, trapping his wing under a boulder. Due to the stampeding hoofs around her, she is unable to hear and asks Ono to speak up. Beshte charges into the hyenas, knocking them backwards, and finally, Kion uses the Roar to force them out of the Pride Lands. The Lion Guard is an American animated television series developed by Ford Riley and based on Disney's 1994 film The Lion King. As always, the hyenas show great enthusiasm for Janja's idea. Kion orders Beshte to make a pathway to a clearing, and Fuli herds them into the clearing where they eventually calm down. and more Disney Junior games online for free on DisneyNOW! Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. (Clip) Report. His clan steps out of the shadows, and Kiara nervously says that she's reconsidering his proposal. The hyenas in Janja's clan are noted to be descendants of the hyenas from the original. They used to be enemies until Janja decided to help him and the royal family defeat Scar. Gazelles also appear in the song "Tonight We Strike" several times, twice standing with a group of Pride Land animals, once supporting the weight of seven other animals on its back, and once being surrounded by hyenas. (Clip) The Lion King. However they get beat by the Lion Guard. Later, Janja's clan approach Rafiki, but the mandrill defeats them alone. Tamaa eventually does so, and the hyenas chase the impalas as they run. Hyena Attack! He explains by way of singing Tonight We Strike with his clan. The Rise of Scar. As Janja chases a zebra elsewhere, he too is soon foiled by Kion, who accidentally lands on his back. Chungu, Janja, and Cheezi attack an oryx herd but are stopped by The Lion Guard. Conservation First, they start a stampede of wildebeests, but their plan is foiled by Ono. The bite of the lizard, Kenge, paralyzes many of The Lion Guard members and allows him and the hyenas a chance to steal the elephant's watermelons. Simba is a lion who is the king of the Pride Lands. Janja is pleased with this news, and formulates a plan to to take over the Pride Lands. They swim through a river, and the hyenas pursue them. They begin to cause mayhem with the zebras, until the Lion Guard arrive on the scene to stop them. These Hyenas were in no way distinguishable among the Lion Guard. Janja approaches the zebras, who pull back a little, though Muhimu's son kicks Janja in the face, throwing him away at the same time Bunga and Kion finish with Cheezi and Chungu. At the time, Jasi… They laugh and taunt the Lion Guard before making their way to feast on the zebra herd. "That is the biggest Lizard I've ever seen." Kion pleads with everyone to protect Muhimu and her newborn, knowing that mayhem is exactly what the hyenas want from them. Gazelles are seen during the song "I Do Have a Great Deal to Say". He orders his new crew to drive Cheezi and Chungu out of the Outlands, and they obey. Chungu in turn pushes Kion off Janja as he is thrust away. Once they all panic and run Kion uses the roar on the army and blasts them to the Outlands. She manages to dodge the first few attacks, but Janja soon jumps on her and pins her to the ground. Bunga remarks that the gazelle has to admit it was fun and the gazelle honks in disagreement. Janja immediately orders his two minions to return to Outlands while Kion pursues them to the border. Janja's Clan Janja's Clan can be seen on cave paintings in the Lair of the Lion Guard. Cheetahs, lions, hyenas, and crocodiles are all predators of gazelles. The Lion Guard Janja sings about how  he'll run the dump. The Lion Guard - Protectors of the Pridelands! Soon, Ono swoops down to her and requests that she slows down. She looked nearly as stern as her cold blooded comrade. Defeated, Janja retreats with the rest of his clan. Hello . Despite her reply that she was just passing through, the clan converges on her, attacking. Once Nne and Tano are taken care of, the Lion Guard returns to the ledge, only to find that it has collapsed. Chungu and his clan later appear when they try to attack a female hy… Location 22m 32s. The series was first broadcast with a television movie, titled The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar on Disney Channel on November 22, 2015 and began airing as a TV series on January 15, 2016 on Disney Junior and Disney Channel. Pull down on another branch to … They calm down and Swala asks Ono to repeat what he said, but since Ono was just trying to stop them anyway, he tells her not to mind and flies away.
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