I mean, who hasn’t spent three hours counting down to zero, eating pop corn, waiting for the launch to start? We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If not, you’ll pass. Practically, you want smart scheduling for your email to correctly count down from February 3rd to February 4th, when your sales period is off. OR ""In precisely 184,072 minutes"" It's fun!, Countdown can countdown to your events in many different units! You head over to our foolproof Campaign Editor and easily generate a countdown timer: 1. Real Time Analytics. Use active verbs in your content to encourage readers to act. Please log in again. Keep the copy clean and, like grandpa used to say, “Make them an offer they can’t refuse”. Examples of Countdown Timer in email. Yes, you heard right!!! Here’s a list of ideas you could consider: Reward your most loyal customers with exclusive updates, behind-the-scenes news, and more. The moment that each recipient opens the email (via a server connection), each recipient receives the most relevant message every time. If your “From” line … Email Open. People count down to the day they find the one, or to the day the get that sports car they’ve always dreamed of. Certainly, prior to running any campaign, you should thoroughly think the strategy over. Make your countdown timer stand out in the email while making sure to stick to your brand colors. Use a CTA button that directs the users to the sale page on your site and position the CTA near the timer. Plus, we’d definitely try our luck to win a share of $1 million in booking credits. All without sounding too salesy. The “Christmas Countdown” is 100% safe since you can view it from home. Because letting you estimate the approximate read time will help you take action: if you have 7 minutes, you will read the article. Couple a similar gif with the countdown timer you will create on our Editor and grow your sales! A countdown timer in emails is a catalyst for launches and new beginnings.Â. Achieve marketing mastery with our marketing how-to guides, DIY hacks, reports and more. Let’s dive into how to make the most of these capabilities. On the other hand, a next-day delivery offer that is valid only for 24 hours should be communicated to customers just a few hours before it begins. Countdown Timer Email Examples: Boden – I Shorten your sales cycle the intelligent way, Cart Abandonment, Welcome Emails and more. (Only have 10 secs? Counting down to offers ending in various product categories might not be as effective as running a sale across all of them at once. Place the countdown timer at the beginning of the email, ensuring recipients see it even if they don’t scroll down. By “real time” we mean that your timer will show the true number of remaining days, hours, minutes or seconds remaining until the offering expires. Gmail promo annotations. It's a powerful tool. We at Moosend released this sweet new feature, our Countdown Timer, to help email marketers nudge their subscribers out their comfy chairs and to their websites. If, throughout the article I estimated the remaining read time left for you, you would know whether to speed up or slow down. Automobile industry can send emails with countdown before the launch of their new car. Get More Email Countdown Timer Examples and Ideas by Moosend! 4. Broaden your knowledge in customer modeling, retention best practices and more. In the context of event email marketing tactics, the goal of … This helps the user focus more, despite the information they process simultaneously: dress styles and countdown. Use these beginner and advanced resources to get the most out of Optimove. our Campaign Editor is an award-winning one. These are two characteristics help establish you in the minds of your users as a reliable professional. Our countdown timers are animated GIF images, which are supported across nearly every email client. ... Start the countdown was the CTA in this announcement template, which can be used to segment the people who are interested. Keep the timer and CTA together—above the fold—and consider visual hierarchy , color psychology, and language—just as you would with a landing page or any other marketing campaign. Place the countdown timer at the beginning of the email, ensuring recipients see it even if they don’t scroll down. Optimove’s data scientists create a bespoke predictive customer model for every client. For example, use the words: Send a reminder email 4 hours before the end of the sale to create further urgency. Get up to 300% increase in CTR and up to 10% in sales. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. As soon as the offer expires, subscribers who open that email will see 00.00.00 on their countdown timer. Make the most of your cart abandonment emails by increasing excitement with countdowns! Dynamic email marketing is a fantastic way to do just that. This email by travel company Suiteness is a perfect example of an email contest done well. If they want to receive items the next day, trigger that sense of urgency. (the awesome Daniel Gelbshtein also massively contributed to the article), Be the first to know all about the latest Marketing tips & tricks, Industry special insights and more. However, this image will be accurate at the time the user opens the email. Instant updates. While there’s often no simple answer, on … Orchestrate highly effective, multichannel customer communications, at scale. This technology currently powers hundreds of millions of emails per month. Countdown timers are one of the most effective ways to add urgency to your email message. We are adding a few more ideas that inspired us and could inspire you, too. An email countdown timer is like any other countdown timer, but it’s applied to an email. This is why it is considered a best practice to send out a teaser in advance. It offers dozens of ways for marketers to increase customer engagement and spend via email. Take a look at this example where the countdown clock is counting down to when users will lose access to a special in app perk. Let’s take a look at some examples from everyday life! Gain a deeper understanding of your customers and what drives their behavior. Such as: ""In 178,326 heartbeats!"". You see, besides public holidays and popular celebrations, there might be other occasions your subscribers are celebrating. By analogy, a countdown timer in emails does the trick for your customers: – Countdown timers help consumers plan their actions (e.g. Are you launching a new service and are taking signups in the meantime? See what you can do with your countdown timer on Moosend’s platform: We like how this brand chose to achieve maximum communication in such a minimal way. Optimove offers a wide variety of professional services and best-practices consulting. We really loved the extra touch of the CTA button “Je fonce” (:I’m rushing). Have you seen those countdowns right before a movie started? big changes at DM)” “Big Celebrity Announcement” “Announcing the 2nd Annual Content & Commerce Summit” “Announcing: The 7th Annual Black Friday Bootcamp” “Yep, that just happened…” Besides the fact that increasing the frequency of emails which could hurt your open rate, you’d have to go through twice the trouble and time on your part. It shows professionalism and organization on your part. When you want to upsell, make sure the products you offer are relevant to the main item you promote – but be careful when you include more than one offer in your email as it can be confusing and less relevant to your recipients. Track your campaign with real time impression analytics. Inform recipients of the expiry date of their cart: in other words, let them know by which day their cart will be stored. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Below, an event reminder email sample with a countdown that you can copy for your upcoming reminder emails. This way, your subscribers are not dismayed if they get a BARGAIN email at the end of the month, when their paycheck has already vanished into thin air. Did you know you can also schedule a countdown timer in emails on Moosend? The customer must want to take action because they don’t want to miss out on any great opportunities. It is January 21st and you want to schedule an email for the next month. What do countdown emails offer consumers (and consequently, businesses)? A well-placed countdown timer can increase conversion and retention rates dramatically. When used right, countdown popups can help grow your email list, keep your subscribers engaged, sell more products, reduce cart abandonment, and more. ... Email Merge Tag. Sale ends on Sunday February 13th, at 23.59.”. Feb 25, 2018 - Explore Michelle Morales's board "Email - Countdown Timers" on Pinterest. Rather, whatever comes with a countdown is exciting! Did you know that the Rule of Scarcity also applied to your not-so-popular product categories? Read on to get inspired by this roundup of great timers, and … Whatever is exciting comes with a countdown! At the end of the email, the benefits are listed. 2. This is a style you can replicate by customizing the email countdown timer boxes on Moosend’s Editor. Like seeing a moving idol on a white sheet was not exciting enough on its own. Proven — countdown timers in emails increase total revenue by 9%. This technique applies to both email templates and signup forms. The key with countdown timers is to visually offer useful information to customers – for example; a sale will end soon. Remind and prepare your participants for your event. People often debate the ideal email length. Jump to the TL;DR section at the bottom of this post.). How to use a countdown timer in emails: Create a ticking offer for free shipping; Free shipping finds itself in the top 3 places of conversion tactics. Use these developer resources to easily integrate add-ons and third-party services. To provide a seamless experience, consider also showing categories and additional advantages such as free delivery and free collection. Free shipping finds itself in the top 3 places of conversion tactics. Before this you never succeed to embed countdown timers in your emails.. Consumers see a row of numbers, with the final column of numbers counting down in seconds. You have a “from” line and a “subject” line. For a big sale, like Black Friday, “Soon” means in a few days, since you want to give the readers time to prepare for the big day. For this example, we're going to use a free timer from CountdownMail. Retailers can inform their readers about the expiry of the abandoned products in the cart. You own an eshop and want to run a quick sale over the weekend. In essence, you are satisfying an ensemble of needs, and given the standard shipping fee, users will be tempted to purchase more, even if they don’t need it, or to offer to friends. Then, simply add an image of destinations as in the example above. shop on the spot, or stay put to shop a limited edition collection online), – Countdown timers help consumers excite users and consumers with their “personalized” heads-up messages (e.g.
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