3.5" satin finish serrated VG-10 stainless blade. Made in USA. Now all the highly evolved performance features of this incredibly popular design have been distilled into a compact gentlemen's folder with a 2.5-inch blade. Gray G10 handle. Black FRN handles with Bi-Directional Texturing. Will be removed during engraving process. $126.00 . Thumb pull. Spyderco C230GPBORE Lil’ Native Burnt Orange G-10 2.42″ CPM REX45 Sprint Run . Brown G10 handle. 3" black finish serrated CPM-S35VN stainless blade with spine and choil jimping. Antique-bronze-finish metal construction.Unique Reuleaux triangle shape and is stamped with the Spyderco logo and the year 2019. Made in USA. Thumb pull. Textured black FRN handles. 4 1/8" satin finish CTS-BD1 stainless Wharncliffe blade with thumb circle. By using this site, you accept our. Made in USA. Additional engraving instructions (optional): Full-flat ground CPM-S30V blade steel offers great cutting performance and edge retention. 3.5" satin finish CPM S30V stainless blade. Made in China. Boxed. Thumb pull. Quality. Boxed. Boxed. An ideal accessory for your favorite Spyderco knife. Couteau SPYDERCO « NATIVE CHIEF » Lame de 10,4 cm en acier CPM-S30V à cran et de 3,2 mm d'épaisseur Manche 12,9 cm G10 noir Avec clip multi positions Longueur totale 23,1 cm Poids 111 g Made in USA EN STOCK. 3.63" black DLC coated serrated CPM S30V stainless blade. Lanyard hole. Lanyard hole. 3" satin finish partially serrated CPM S30V stainless blade. Spyderco Knives Compression Lock Folders-choose from Spyderco Junior made in collaboration with DiaLex, the Para-Military Knife Series and more. Full tang. 3.5" closed. 2.75" satin finish serrated H1 steel hawkbill blade. Textured black G-10 handles with enlarged lanyard hole. Lanyard hole. 2 1/8" N690Co stainless sheepsfoot style blade with Double Dent symmetrical dimples in the blade that provide a fingernail-free two-handed opening. Made in the USA. Titanium construction. 3.25" (8.26cm) satin finish CPM S30V stainless blade. Non-Locking Folder. Free shipping The blade is held open by a notched-joint at the knife's pivot. Made in USA. Black G10 handles. Polished stonewash Grade 5 titanium construction. Lanyard hole. 3.88" satin finish CPM S90V stainless blade. Black textured FRN handle. Lightweight black FRCP (fiberglass reinforced co-polymer) handles. Bulk packed. Pocket clip. Brown leather belt sheath. The Spyderco Sage 5 highlights Spyderco's own patented Compression Lock, which uses one of the handle's stainless steel liners, the stop pin, and an upward-facing ramp on the blade's tang to create an incredibly strong and user-friendly lock mechanism. Sage™ 5 Compression Lock® (C123CFCL) $234.00. 3.38" closed. Features compression lock system. What is the best knife with a compression lock? 3.5" black finish 8Cr13MoV stainless blade. Developed for the UK market where there are strict restrictions about blade locking mechanisms. Developed for the UK market where there are strict restrictions about blade locking mechanisms. 3" satin finish CPM S110V stainless blade. 4" closed. Lanyard hole. Full tang. Bulk packed. Precision milled for Spyderco paramilitary 2. Pocket clip. Boxed. Features Ball Bearing locking mechanism. Left hand model. Thumb pull. 3.5" satin finish CPM S30V stainless blade. The G-Clip is configurable for vertical, horizontal, or diagonal carry and can be attached to both sides and both faces of the symmetrical sheath. Black Boltaron sheath. Free shipping. Thumb pull. Lanyard hole. Lightweight black FRN handles. Made in USA. Other Info: Precision milled for Spyderco paramilitary 2. Not a big deal - it just means you have to move your finger and push the blade all the way in. Add to Wishlist. Oversized lanyard hole. 1x1 basket weave carbon fiber with unidirectional inner. Bulk packed. Boxed. Black molded Boltaron sheath with G-Clip attachment. Made in Japan. Fiable et performant. Features Ball-Bearing locking mechanism. 3 3/4" black DLC finish CPM-S30V stainless blade with thumb hole pull. Made in Taiwan. Injection-molded, high-impact, plastic base with integral hand guard. Antique stonewash finish copper construction. 3" black finish CPM S30V stainless blade. Made in Taiwan. Pocket clip. Collaboration with Javier Vogt. Spyderco--Lil Native Compression Lock. Boxed. AU $360.00. Made in the USA. Lanyard hole. 4.25 closed. Stainless pocket clip. Oversized lanyard hole. Black textured G10 handle. Lanyard hole. Antique stonewash finish brass construction. 4.88" closed. Machine satin finish grade 5 titanium construction. Black bi-directional texture FRN handle. 3" satin finish serrated H1 steel blade. 3 1/2" CPM-S110V stainless blade with thumb hole. 4.38" closed. Made in Japan. While deployed to Afghanistan, Shirley learned that an alarming number of U.S. personnel were falling victim to sexual assault, particularly while showering. 3 1/8" closed. 3" closed notched-joint. mechanism. Finger ring. Reversible deep-pocket wire clip. Stainless pocket clip. Made in Japan. 5 1/4" satin finish PSF27 tool steel clip point blade. Lanyard hole. Lanyard hole. $140.00 Save 30% . Thumb pull. Pocket clip. Collaboration with Phil Wilson. Boxed. I love it! 3" closed notched-joint. Made in Taiwan. Buffalohump. Pocket clip. Wire pocket clip is great. Though the Manix was originally a lock back. Carbon fiber handle. Brand New. Made in the USA. Spyderco recently celebrated their 40 th Anniversary in the form of this wild contoured, fluted carbon fiber Native V with a DS93x Damasteel blade. Pocket clip. Black bi-directional texture FRN handle. Pocket clip. Pocket clip. 4" closed. Black leather belt sheath. 9.13" overall. Thumb pull. 5" closed. Made in the USA. Thumb pull. Made in Japan. 3.5" closed. Thumb pull. Buy Spyderco Native Models, The Spyderco Native pocket knife series has become one of Spyderco's most popular. Boxed. Made in the USA. Antique stonewash finish copper construction. Black smooth G10 handle. Made in China. May not be sold through Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA). Does it compare to a frame lock in reliability? Made in Japan. I took the clip off mine and it fits perfectly as a key/coin pocket knife. Tools include: Pocket clip l Serrated blade l Belt/cord cutter l Flat head screwdriver. Made in China. Boxed. Includes pocket clip holes for tip-up, right or left hand carry. Spyderco Native5 Lightweight Folding Knife, 3.10in (1) $150.00 $105.00 Save 30% On Sale. Thumb pull. Pocket clip. Spyderco C229GSBK Shaman Compression Lock Folding Knife (3.58 Inch S30V Black Serrated Blade) Matte G10 Handle The aptly named Shaman transcends the spirit of Spyderco’s Native to offer a larger, even more capable expression of its iconic design theme. Thumb pull. Black bi-directional texture FRN handle. Spyderco C230GPBBK Lil' Native Compression Lock - 2.45" CPM-S30V Plain Edge DLC Finish Blade - Black G-10 Handle. Boxed. Boxed. Black G-10 handles. 2.5" stonewash finish CTS-XHP stainless sheepsfoot blade. Made in USA. Made in China. Smooth one-handed opening and closing just like a PM2. Thumb pull. Black and yellow grooved G10 handle. Pocket clip. As someone who works in an office all day long, a smaller knife is what gets carried every day. Made in China. Stainless pocket clip. Bulk Packed. 4" closed. Le Spyderco Lil' Native est le petit frère du célèbre Spyderco Native. Spyderco. Features nested Compression Lock mechanism. AU $306.00. 4.25" closed. 4.13" satin finish CPM S30V stainless blade. Boxed. It's possible to disengage the compression lock accidentally when twisting the knife during a cut or squeezing very hard while cutting due to the exposed nature of the lockbar - almost the same issue as with liner locks, just on the back of the handle and not the front. 7 comments. 5" closed. Made in Taiwan. Antique stonewash finish brass construction. Lanyard hole. Extended tang. Uses hardware from stock knife. I like compact knives! Made in the USA. Made in Taiwan. Textured G-10 scales and a four-position clip guarantee a non-slip grip and rapid deployment from all carry positions. The finish on the blade is awesome. Limited Numbers are available!! Black micarta handle. hide. Black G-10 handles. Boxed. How solid is the compression lock on the para military. Carbon fiber/G10 laminate handle. Made in Taiwan. Une serrure unique qui fait l'objet de nombreux éloges. 2.5" satin finish CTS-XHP stainless blade. Four-way hourglass pocket clip. A CBBL Endura would be awkward like a back lock PM2. Compression Lock-think of it as a top mounted liner lock! Stainless wire pocket clip. 3.5" satin finish CPM S30V stainless blade. Bulk Packed. Yes it has that little piece of Choi’s that sticks out and hits your finger when you close it, but after the first few flicks you understand how to avoid it. Pocket clip. Pocket clip. Boxed. 4" closed. 1.25" satin finish CTS-BD1 stainless sheepsfoot blade. Full tang. With scale installed, the knife will weigh about 5.24 oz. As some have noticed, the end of the choil can bump into your finger as you're closing it, but it's not as annoying as I thought it would be, especially if you operate the lock with just the very tip of your finger/fingernail. Lanyard hole. Lanyard hole. Pre-Order Now. Subscribe for Coupon Codes and Discounts given only Twice a month. When closing the blade the notch produces roughly twenty-pounds of resistance, functionally similar to traditional slip-joint pen knives. I hope Spyderco eventually upgrades the Delica and Endura with the same lock. Zippered storage case. Lanyard hole. Black G10 handle. Spyderco Shaman: The big brother to the smaller Native knife by Matt Jin Nov 22, 2019 Share This: ... Spyderco’s compression lock mechanism, and quality that its users can trust. Made to fit Spyderco Tenacious. Made in China. Le Couteau pliant Spyderco Lil' Native C230GP Compression lock possède : - une Lame acier CPM-S30V avec mécanisme "compression lock" , - un manche 9 cm G10 noir, - un clip. If your engraving request is deemed unacceptable, your order will be canceled and you will be notified via email. Smooth action, wire clip, I can’t say enough good things about it! 2 3/4" Anti-rust H-1 steel serrated edge sheepsfoot blade. Uses hardware from stock knife. Thumb pull. Made in Taiwan. COUTEAU SPYDERCO LIL' NATIVE COMPRESSION LOCK - Couteaux à ouverture assistée (6381571) - Achat et vente de matériel et d'objets neufs ou d'occasion de chasse et de pêche - Black and yellow grooved G10 handle. 3.5" tumbled finish CPM S90V stainless blade. The sheath also includes multiple mounting holes to allow both high and low-ride attachment of the G-Clip. YOU SAVE € 38.95. Boxed. Boxed. The size is compact but you still get a lot of blade. Black FRN handles. Boxed. Thumb pull. Made in Japan. Made in the USA. Lanyard hole. Made in China. Lanyard hole. 2" closed. Black Boltaron sheath with multi-position G-Clip. BRK Exclusive! BRK Exclusive! Boxed. Boxed. What's so great about it? 3.88" satin finish CPM S30V stainless blade. Ce Spyderco Lil' Native est équipé de la fameuse Compression lock. Thumb pull. Pocket clip. Pocket clip. Thumb pull. 3.5" (8.89cm) satin finish CPM S30V stainless blade. 1 5/8" overall miniature folder. Black FRN handle with non-slip Kraton inlays. Custom molded Boltaron sheath with G-clip attachment. Lanyard hole. Paramilitary 2 Backspacer. 6.25" satin finish 5160 carbon steel axe head with 2.75" cutting edge. Manix 2 Scales. Lanyard hole. 5" closed. Black G10 handle. Black G10 handle. While small you still feel like you can conquer any task because of the thickness of the blade. Boxed. 4" closed lockback. Thumb pull. Thumb pull. Boxed. Gray G10 handle. Love it, it works excellent, the lock is not sticky and the bronze washers keep it smooth, the fit and finish is perfect. Made in Italy. Titanium handle liners. 4.25" satin finish LC 200 N tool steel blade. Free shipping . Pocket clip. Made in the USA. Made in Japan. Thumb pull. Thumb stud. Made to fit Spyderco Para3. Thumb pull. Boxed. Log in or sign up … Thumb pull. Back Lock . Fits perfectly inside a fifth pocket if you want to carry it discretely. Uses hardware from stock knife. Uses hardware from stock knife. Boxed. Carbon fiber/G10 laminate handles. 4.25" closed. Black stainless handle with black G10 scales. Orange G10 handle. Shop the Spyderco Lil' Native knife. Ce Spyderco Lil' Native est équipé de la fameuse Compression lock. AU $306.00. 4.98" overall. 3.75" (9.53cm) closed. Lanyard hole. Last one. Stonewash finish titanium handle. 6 3/4" overall. Pocket clip. Pocket clip. Gray FRN handle with index finger choil and lanyard hole. Specifications: Blade Length: 2.47" Closed Length: 3.47" Overall Length: 5.94" Blade Steel: CPM-S30V Stainless Steel. Made in Taiwan. Pocket clip. Black leather belt sheath. Black injection molded polymer sheath with neck chain. Embroidered Spyderco logo. Thumb pull. Made in Japan. 1 1/4" black titanium carbonitride coated CPM-S30V stainless sheepfoot style blade with thumb hole. With scales installed, the knife will weigh about 2.84 oz. 4.38" closed. Brad If I could only change one thing it would be to offer the knife more steels. Spyderco--Reinhold Rhino Compression. Zippered storage case.
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